VOC-free* Car Polishes

Healthy working without hazardous solvents

The principle

VOC-free* abrasive polishes by Menzerna meet the stringent criteria of DIN EN ISO 11890-2, as they contain no aggressive, highly volatile solvents. It is precisely these solvents that are responsible for the maximum abrasive effect of the polish in commercially available abrasive polishes. This formula component has been used in the polishing agent industry for generations. Menzerna has now succeeded in offering high-performance products that are not harmful to health and the environment. Especially with intensive use of solvent-containing products, health problems can arise.

What does VOC-FREE mean?

The Menzerna GREEN LINE car polishes are VOC-free*.
*VOC-free means free from Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC).
The VOC-free abrasive polishes by Menzerna meet the stringent criteria of DIN EN ISO 11890-2, as they contain no aggressive highly volatile solvents.


Our Measure of Quality: Setting New Standards

The Menzerna GREEN LINE products protect the health of the user and protect the environment. Professional users in industry and trades value the far more comfortable processing offered by the Menzerna GREEN LINE product range, which represents perfection in polishing. The Menzerna GREEN LINE car polishes are VOC-free in Acc. with DIN EN ISO 11890-2. Therefore the Menzerna GREEN LINE products are free from hazard symbols.


The result of a market study shows: 45% of the user preceives the aggressive solvent smell of the usual abrasive polishes on the market as disturbing. Commercial and private users pay great attention to hazard identification.



  HEALTHY: free of unpleasant, harmful solvent vapors

 COMFORTABLE: significantly more comfortable to work with