Menzerna Cleaning Accessories: Squeaky Clean 

A Clean Bill of Health! Deliver a clean surface with Menzerna cleaning accessories and lay the groundwork for polishing and sealing. Our high-quality cleaning products are the first step to achieving high-gloss vehicles.

Regular washing is essential if a car is to hold its value. The MZ Wash car shampoo has been developed for gentle yet thorough washing by hand.

Thanks to the Control Cleaner cleaning spray, polish residues, grease, and contaminants can be made to vanish in no time, whereas the Endless Shine detailing spray puts the finishing touch to all smooth surfaces. Effortlessly refresh your car’s sheen. Premium beading effect included.


Handwashing Vs. Automatic Washing: What’s the Best Option?

Regular washing is essential if a car is to hold its value. There are two main options when it comes to keeping your car clean: either washing it by hand or taking it to the car wash. There are pros and cons to both alternatives, as summarized in the table below.

Correct handwashing with the right cleaning accessories is kinder on the finish. At automatic car washes, hardened brushes and dirty ribbons can cause swirls, which is not the case if the vehicle is washed correctly by hand.

How to Handwash Correctly

  1. We recommend using two buckets when handwashing your car. Fill the first bucket with clear water. Fill the second bucket with at least 10 l of water and mix with 80 ml shampoo.
  2. Dip the premium car-washing mitt into the bucket with the water/shampoo mixture.

  3. Start handwashing at the highest point on the vehicle. We recommend that you avoid circular motions (swirls), but that you wash the car using straight movements instead. Exert gentle pressure in the process.

  4. Regularly dip the car wash mitt in the bucket filled with clear water, cleaning it and wringing it out each time. Please note: dirt particles on the mitt may cause scratches (so clean the glove thoroughly).
  5. Wash the entire car in the manner described above before rinsing it thoroughly with clear water and (if necessary) drying it.

How to Recognize a Good Car Shampoo

Alongside the technique, the choice of a good car shampoo is a key factor in the success of handwashing. Shampoos can be split into two main categories: cleaning shampoos with high cleaning power, on the one hand, and care shampoos with waxes and silicones. You should consider the following points when selecting the right car shampoo:

  • Cleaning Shampoo: 
    A cleaning shampoo boasts high cleaning power and does not contain any care products. It is usually highly alkaline or acidic (not pH-neutral). After washing, the result is a dull finish with little sheen and no beading effect.
  • Care Shampoo:
    Care shampoos offer varying degrees of cleaning power and contain care waxes or silicones (drying aids). After washing, the result is a glossy finish. A care shampoo often features a beading effect and is usually pH-neutral.
  • pH-Neutral?
    A shampoo is pH-neutral if it has a pH number of 7. If the value is lower, it is acidic; if the value is higher, it is alkaline. Non-pH-neutral shampoos may attack existing seals and the paint surface, making the finish dull.

We recommend using a pH-neutral care shampoo. The car shampoo should also boast good foam formation and a pleasant odor (e.g. MZ Wash).